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 Company Safety Policy
Stedian is dedicated to the protection of its employees from on-the-job injuries, and preventing the accidental loss of any its resources, including employees and physical assets.
In fulfilling this commitment to protect both people and property, management will provide and maintain a Health and Safety Program in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements, and will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in personal injury/illness, accidents and/or property damage.
All employees will be equally responsible for working safely on the job site(s). Safe work practices and procedures will be clearly defined in the Company Safety Manual for all employees to follow.
Accidental loss can be controlled through good management in combination with active employee involvement. Safety is the direct responsibility of management, supervisors and employees.
Management accepts the responsibility for leadership of the safety and health program, for its effectiveness and improvement, and for providing the safeguards required to ensure safe conditions.
Supervisors are responsible for developing the proper attitudes toward safety and health in themselves and in those they supervise, and for ensuring that all operations are performed with the utmost regard for the safety and health of all personnel involved.
Employees are responsible for wholehearted, genuine cooperation with all aspects of the Safety and Health Program, including compliance with all rules and regulations, and for continually practicing safety while performing their duties.